The  Amazing Sketchbook Project and Awards were founded in  2012 with a donation from ARTeacher.com to the DADE ART EDUCATORS Inc.. The AMAZING Sketchbook Project is grateful to Mabel Morales, District Supervisor of Art of Miami-Dade County Public Schools at Miami, FL for her ongoing inspirational and financial support of the project.


Every M-DCPS art show recognizes exemplary works of art with prizes and awards. This is a good very good thing! Students are thrilled to be recognized for their creations.

In an effort to encourage emerging artists:

  • The AMAZING SKETCHBOOK AWARD is given to students who are nominated by their teachers. Each nomination must include the completed nomination form and 3 digital copies of the student's artwork.  

  • In order to encourage artistic excitement and improvement, each award winner receives his or her sketchbook & art supplies at one of the many M-DCPS student art shows or Fund 4 Design & Art Education events.








  • You can donate $10 or more to the AMAZING SKETCHBOOK PROJECT and encourage a child to CREATE!


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